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Kigali Genocide Memorial



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    The Kigali Memorial Centre is a site of burial for around 250,000 victims of the genocide, which comprises of a main historical exhibition, a Children’s Memorial exhibition and an exhibition on comparative genocide, called Wasted Lives. It also has over four acres of memorial gardens containing ten mass graves, as well as the National Genocide Documentation Centre.

    All exhibitions were printed in three languages. 2,500 personal interviews were carried out during a door-to-door documentation research programme. 624 mass grave sites were located 1,167 roadblock positions identified and almost 25,000 personal profiles of missing victims recorded. In addition, over 2,000 photographs of victims were scanned.


    In addition to the emergence of new material, mass graves and family graves are being discovered frequently, and families are choosing to bury their loved ones at the site. To accommodate these requests, further mass graves were constructed within the grounds of the memorial centre. Mass burial is expected to continue to be a feature of the site for many years to come.

    The Kigali Memorial Centre is an international centre. It deals with a topic of international import, with far-reaching significance, and is designed to engage and challenge an international visitor base. The conference facility on the site is designed to engage an audience well beyond the confines of, where seminars on history and education and other topics are planned for the future.

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