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Live in Rwanda is a web portal designed by Sobutex Scri, a Belgian-based company. This portal provides geolocalized information about hotels, restaurants & bars, places to visit and upcoming events in Rwanda.




The added value of Live in Rwanda is to allow any person travelling in or to Rwanda to easily identify/search a hotel, a restaurant or a place to visit by simply providing a reference position. The latter may be either a street address, a city name or a well known place. Furthermore, while visiting the web page of any business property, our audience gets an overview of other business properties located in the neighborhood of the business property currently viewed.



Mission & Objective:


  • Provide well structured and localized informations about hotels, restaurants and places to visit in Rwanda
  • Inform audiences about upcoming events
  • Allow a visitor to search hotels, restaurants and places to visit by providing a reference position of choice
  • Provide a friendly graphical user interface designed with advanced web technologies



Via the portal, we offer the following services (but not limited to):

  • Online advertising
  • Development of IT applications for Online advertising
  • e-commerce Consultancy

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